On Cloudswift Review

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After much success with the On Cloudflow, I decided to try the brand new model to On Running- the Cloudswift. I loved using the Cloudflow for fast training runs and racing, and I thought the Cloudswift could fill in the gap of easy and long runs. Trying them on in the store, I was a little unsure as it had felt totally different than the On Cloudflow, which I love. It took one or two runs in them, but finally I was sold and happy I found a shoe for my easy running.

Support: Neutral but does offer a touch of support through the mid foot band that wraps around the upper of the shoe.

Fit: Normal to wide feet. Also, you may want to go down half a size. I’m usually a men’s 9, but have been a 8.5 in most On Running shoes.

Weight: Womens 8.47 oz / Mens 10.23 oz

I was surprised to see that this shoe weighed in at over 10 oz. It doesn’t feel like a heavy shoe on the foot, but it’s certainly much heavier than the On Cloudflow

Drop: 7mm

Activity: Training

I personally wouldn’t race in this shoe. I like a lighter, more responsive shoe. Even though this shoe is too much shoe to race in, I love it for my easy runs and some long runs. These shoes are my work horse and I will be putting lots of easy, aerobic miles in them! I think this shoe could definitely be a great all around shoe for many runners who want to train and race in the same shoe and not necessarily want different shoes for different purposes.

Terrain: Road only (avoid trails!)

All of On’s road running shoes are famous for picking up rocks in the Cloudpods on the bottom of the shoe. I have a short little trail I often take by my house and I always pick up pine cones! These shoes are absolutely not recommended for trails, but if you will be running pavement only, you won’t have an issue. Some of the other models of On (especially my favorite, the Cloudflow) can be quite slippery on wet surfaces, but this has been fixed with the Cloudswift. I’ve done plenty of runs in the Cloudswift on wet pavement and it grips without a problem.

Cushioning: Soft

I actually don’t find the Cloudswift a super soft cushioned shoe, but I know of many other runners who would disagree and say it’s super soft and comfortable. I don’t find it firm, but more moderate and right in the middle. The Cloudswift also uses a new “Helion foam”. Can’t say I can tell any difference, but it’s supposed to be more resistance to temperature changes (hot to cold) and more durable. If this increases the life of my shoe, I won’t complain!

Price: $150 USD

You can tell this is a very durable shoe from the moment you run in it, however, I think for those of your that find this too much shoe to race in, the price may be a bit too steep for a training only shoe.


  1. A great option for those runners with a wider foot who want to try an On Running shoe but haven’t been able to with the other models.

  2. Even though I find it a bit too heavy to race with, I feel like this would be a great training AND racing shoe for many other runners.

  3. Built in sock liner, which means you can run with no socks (if that’s your thing).

  4. The reason I bought this shoe- it’s a great shoe for easy runs and long runs!


  1. For you competitive runners out there who want a super lightweight and responsive shoe, this might not be the the shoe for you.

  2. Not an option for trail running. Rocks will absolutely get stuck in the bottom of the cloudpods.

  3. Not a huge selection of different color options.

  4. A little pricey in my opinion. Especially for a shoe that I wouldn’t wear for racing.

On Cloudswift Review: 8.5/10

For myself, this has been a great shoe for doing my easy and long runs in. Being a bit too heavy and bulky to consider doing speed work or racing in is why I’m not rating it higher. I think for other runners who would both train and race in this shoe, the price could be better justified. Find your own On Running Cloudswift here: https://bit.ly/2UYwZJG